Thanksgiving Beer Pairings


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“Are you looking for a way to add something unexpected to your table this Thanksgiving? How about a well-paired flight of beer?

Pairing beer with food is very similar to pairing wine. You need to consider the broad range of foods on the average Turkey Day plate. Not just any good beer will play nice with your feast. For example, the always-popular IPA doesn’t typically pair well with the sweet and earthy flavors from the turkey and mashed potatoes. If you must break the rules though – I won’t tell! I always suggest drinking what you like above the traditional “rules”.

Here are a few perfect brews to match your holiday meal:


Crisp and dry, these beers go down smoothly and rarely pack that much of an alcoholic punch which would make a great choice for a long holiday gathering.

Belgian Witbier

A blend of citrus and coriander, keeps things light and it won’t fill you up. Belgian Wits are very clean and neutral and won’t get in the way of most of the traditional flavors of Thanksgiving.


Serving cider at Thanksgiving is quite appropriate as it was popular amongst early American settlers. Many historians believe it was served at the earliest Thanksgiving celebrations. Dry ciders would pair best for this holiday. Dry ciders are often quite tannic, with a pronounced acidity, and slightly thinner body than those with more residual sugar. The tight carbonation and bright acids make for a killer pairing.

Brown Ale

This style is balanced and smooth, an ideal pairing with almost any dish.

This ale tends to be medium bodied, ranges from dry to sweet maltiness, and very little hop flavor or aroma. The higher carbonation and lower alcohol content of this style helps cleanse the palate, allowing you to taste every bite.


Stouts are a great pairing with dessert. Not much can stand up to the (delicious) fat and sugar of pecan pie, but since you’re reaching the end of the meal, go all-in on an equally massive beer; stouts offer a deep, chocolate, toffee, and roasted barley flavor. A stout steeped with coffee or aged in bourbon barrels would be a great after dinner treat.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving! I wish you a grateful heart while gathering with your friends and family.


Chrissy Liescheidt

Growlers and bottled craft beer can be purchased from Vintner’s Hill at: 7427 Matthews-Mint Hill Rd. #108. Book your holiday parties now! Please call us at: 980-207-4242.”

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